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The enchanted cottage is home to over 100 shades of the finest Thai Princess Silk Dupion, 20 shades of beautiful silk tulle and a huge range of silk organza, silk chiffon, smooth silk velvet, silk georgette and textured silks. As well as a large range of lace edging from 1/4in wide to 8in wide in our new Lace Fairy brochure, I have some really stunning French Metallic lace in gold and silver, a double edged fine ivory Chantilly and beaded and corded lace for real weddings. You will be spoiled for choice.

New - now available - the long awaited brochure
The Tussie Mussie To see the whole range of fabrics available, send for a bridal fabric and lace brochure ‘The Tussie Mussie’ to the address on the ‘Contact’ page. You can use paypal or send a cheque for 9.50 ncl. UK pp
International orders Europe 11.50, Rest of world 13.50
Cheques made payable to: ‘Sue’s Enchanted Cottage’ 
Small packaged samples are included throughout the book.

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 Silk Tulle
 We now stock the largest collection of colours worldwide.
As so many of you have requested the sizes and prices of the silk tulle available I have listed them below as they appear in the haberdashery brochure. You can now order these direct using the order form on the left. A shade card with all 20 samples is available for 6.75 each plus pp.

Now in 20 colours:    175cm wide white, ivory, rich cream, gold, French mustard, cappuccino, chocolate, glacier, (pale blue) aqua, verdi gris (bottle green) navy, brides blush (pale pink) coral, rose, red, wine, black, purple, old lavender and antique lilac which is a dark and dusky shade almost a ‘tawny lilac’ but a  very beautiful colour I hasten to add.

1/32 (25 x 22 cm) 2.35; 1/16 (25 x 43cm) 4.50 1/8 (25 x 87cm) 8.75; fat (50 x 87cm) 16.95

m (50 x 175cm) 32.50; 1m (100 x 175cm) 62.00

To make my bridal gowns and ballerinas you will need a full width strip of the silk tulle fabric in one of the four sizes below. I am cutting these strips accordingly to help you make up the gowns. If there is a different size you need from these listed, please give me a call and I’ll try to supply your tulle in as economical a size as possible.

10cm or 4in x 175cm 7.25; 15cm or 6in x 175cm 9.95

20cm or 8in x 175cm 13.95; 33cm or 13in x 175cm 19.25

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Rosetta Lace


Following the publishing of the wedding book in which I use the most beautiful and versatile silver and gold laces and which I have used extensively for my bears for the past 10 years or more as well as real dresses, you can imagine how distraught I was to find they were being discontinued. However after much pleading, begging and I can’t tell you what else on my behalf and miniaturists everywhere, by my wonderful supplier Margaret, the makers at last went back into production. I can’t tell you what a relief it was. So, here they are in all their beauty, you’ll wondered how you managed without them. But frst, here are a few examples of my work with this fabulous lace.

Resized 103

The deeper 5in lace makes the most beautiful lace aprons for brides whilst the narrow 1/2in lace can be trimmed close to the embroidery for the edges of the apron and around the lower edge of the bodice.

The 1in deep lace cut in a single scallop with a fray checked edge makes a perfect trim for the panniers whilst providing a base for the silk ribbon roses.

Original 2
Original 202

Here on Ice Princess, the tulle on the narrow lace is again trimmed away to form a beautiful and natural neckline for the bodice without any further hand embroidery. I then sprinkled the lace at the front of the bodice neckline with a peppering of tiny Swarovski crystals. Further trimmed lace was used to trim the hemline and around the lower edge of the bodice and as a base for her tiara.


This beautiful lace is available in 6 widths plus an all over lace. You wo:n’t want to use anything else ever again. I have been using it for almost 20 years


T13a 1 cm. or in. deep

90p m / 1.80 m

3.60 m

T13b 2.5 cm. or 1  deep

1.20 m / 2.40 m

 4.80 m

T13c  6 cm. or 2 in. deep

1.70 m / 3.40 m

6.80 m 

T13d  12.5 cm. or 5in. deep. This lace is cut with an even space on each side of the number of bows you choose.

1 bow (8 cm)           80p
2 bows (16 cm)     1.60
3 bows (24 cm.)    2.40
4 bows (32 cm.)    3.90
5 bows (40 cm.)   4.60
6 bows (48cm.)     5.30
bows (56 cm.)    6.10
8 bows (64 cm)     6.90
9 bows (72 cm.)    7.70
0 bows (80 cm.)  8.40
1 bows (88 cm.)  9.10
2 bows (96 cm.)  9.80

NEW: 10in deep 18.80m All over 127cm wide 72.80m and a            lovely double edged lace – 6 to 7.5cm wide  10.60

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