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Our Designer Gowns in the Glossies

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The Fairytale

This gown featured in D.H.M.S as the first in a series following over a year of absence with health problems. She was and remains very special to me as she started me on the road to recovery. She has pride of place in my bridal salon and there she will remain.

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Pink Castle Pumpkins and Butterflies
Cinderella 1
Pumpkin Coach - Copy


Cinderella 4

To celebrate the most beautiful fairytale of all time by Charles Perrault
Wearing a gown of sumptuous regal silk and silk brocade adorned with cascades of silk roses, the finest silver lace, silk ribbon ruffles and Swarovski Crystal Elements. Silk tulle panniers draping up at each side with rosebuds, elegant  flounced sleeves, watteau and lace collar complete the fairytale ensemble.

In the final issue of the magazine, Cinderella  carried  in her hand a French lace sculpted Venetian Mask also adorned with silk roses and Swarovski Crystal Elements

Cinderella Venetian Mask - Copy1 Bright
Fairy Wand
Cinderella Slipper
Fairy Wand1

You can find out how to make Cinderella in the March, April, May, June and July issues of
 D.H.M.S 2011

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A Very Special  Accolade

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It is always very exciting when anyone’s work is recognised. We made it into a few favourite reads over the years and hopefully will continue to do so. but - nothing topped an appearance in .....my favourite bridal magazine in September 2007 as one of their ‘Top 5 - perfect wedding loves of the month!!’

You can just see Elloise on the left hand image - just under the Marks and Spencer dress. I was thrilled! 

Perfect Weddings feature
Perfect Weddings Cover


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The four gowns featured here can be purchased on a doll or you can purchase the patterns from the cottage as the issue sold out very quickly. They appeared in a special supplement with The Dolls’ House and Miniature Scene magazine issue 142. Another four gowns to add to the book collection.

DSC0053303 DSC00750

The designer gowns on the right are ‘Oyster Tulip’ (left) and ‘Aphrodite. Also included in the free supplement are ‘Mardi Gras’ shown above in burgundy and ‘Freya’ the cover girl dressed in her pure gold silk gown with  bustle train and a dramatic  bow trimmed with Swarovski crystals.

These dressed dolls feature in the bridal brochure for you to purchase. Oyster Tulip wears a silk tulle gown with a draped overskirt. The bodice has a pearly leaf trim studded with Swarovski crystals. Aphrodite wears a gown with a fishtail train and an exclusive fantail style veil. Her tiara has a feather trim and Swarovski crystals. Contact me by email for more information or send for my set of three brochures to enjoy the total miniature experience here at the enchanted cottage.    

V.S. Final Shot 2

Victorian Splendour

V.S. Final Shot 7
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My Art Deco style bride is a firm favourite and features in the USA magazine ‘Dollhouse Miniatures’  May 2006 issue. I’ve called her Kathryn after a very talented real bridal designer and friend Kathryn Russell who has made some very special tiaras and Venetian masks for my 24” bridal teddy bears, a part of my business which has currently taken a back seat for the present although I am longing to return to them in the near future



Kathryn’s gown has a low back and dramatic geometric train reminiscent of 1930’s Broadway. The tie at the centre of the faux bow, the centre bodice front and the shoulders of the gown are peppered with Swarovski crystals which also feature in the halo tiara. This style of tiara was worn by Wallace Simpson  and is so typical of the style of that period although it wouldn’t look out of place in a contemporary setting. The bride of today is so spoiled for choice, anything goes really..

This gown is also available to buy through the bridal suite brochure. Her tiara is available to purchase separately for a miniature scene or doll of your own. But it’s so much more fun making them yourself, why should I have all the fun? It really is simpler than you think.



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Yes, Carabosse made it to the glossies too. After a brilliant day at Pudsey Silver Anniversary Miniatures Fair, the ‘Dolls’ House and Miniature Scene’ magazine July ‘06 issue which also featured a full page review of my wedding book, featured a two page article all about this special fair. I was delighted and honored as a first time exhibitor to be given a special mention together with a photograph of ‘Carabosse’.  

Of course the main aim of all such coverage is simply to inspire, to help you dream and to hopefully enjoy creating your own dream gowns in miniature. That’s what miniaturing is all about. I’m here to help you create your own dream gowns in any way I can.

More Stardom for Sue Jo Designs


The International Doll magazine featured a review of my wedding book and bridal creations in  issue 95 Oct / Nov. 2006. To celebrate this feature I designed ‘Elloise’ my beautiful Cinderella style gown. Find out how to create her in this special issue.


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Although it is said that the true story of Cinderella has its roots in China in the year A.D. 850, perhaps the best known version is the one written by Charles Perrault towards the end of the seventeenth century. This seemed to be the perfect theme for my baroque style bridal gown and ‘Elloise’ a most suitable gown design name, an alternative version of the name Ella, the heroine in this classic fairytale. It was essential to create a fairytale gown befitting such a beautiful story. In this design, I have used the softest ‘bride’s blush’ silk tulle, bridal pink Thai Princess silk and metallic gold lace. I painted her slippers using gold acrylic paint and added tiny pink silk ribbon bows. She wears a woven lace tiara hand tatted from metallic gold thread with silk roses and crystals atop her ‘Slipper and the Rose’ influenced hairstyle. 

Doll Int. Mag.

Elloise is available to purchase ready made. 285.00 Much more enjoyable, less expensive, much more fun and certainly more satisfying to have a try yourself. The pattern which featured in the now retired issue of  Oct/Nov 2006 (left) is now available from the cottage.

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