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Time to dress your dolls in some wonderful gowns and simply have the time of your life. Since engaging in this life changing pursuit of mine, I have always loved the fashion dolls by Parker - Levi using moulds from the USA. Katy Sue first made them for me and for my Wedding Book and I’ve loved them ever since. So it was natural to choose them for you too together with another favourite find. These beautiful kits are presently being poured for the cottage by Sue Harrington who has also agreed to pour Halle for me. You can see her exquisite faces on the six fashion dolls further down the page: Eulane, Fay, Lois, Marie, Halle and Cyrene.  I’m sure you will fall in love with them. The eyes and delicate features are enchanting.

These six girls were my first loves and will always share a special place in my heart. I hope you will love them too.









Face Detail
Sue Harrington has painted the beautiful fashion dolls’s for us.

Please Note: After choosing your doll, now select an eye colour: blue, hazel or green. Allow delivery time for specific requests. Choose also, 1/2 legs with court shoes or 3/4 seated legs. Image below with Halle





All six kits are £19.50 or £21.50 each with seated legs (See Halle Below) and include doll body and head, arms and legs, felt, wadding and chenille sticks to attach the limbs where applicable plus a full colour leaflet with step by step instructions.
You can also have the doll made up for you and ready to dress (see below) for 
£9.50 extra (not seated Halle or Ariel - these are ready to dress as they are) but first read the following note about height and let me know how tall you would like your doll. This also applies when ordering dressed dolls.

Important A word about doll height when ordering ready to dress dolls. Being a little vertically challenged myself I advocate the slightly taller doll height of 5.8 - 6in. This is essential when creating  a gown with elegant and more natural flowing lines. That extra 1/2in makes all the difference to the creation of a beautifully proportioned gown which is why girls on the catwalk have to be tall, I’m sorry  but they do make the gowns look better and this is what the designers have to sell at the end of the day.  If you wish for a 5.5in regular size doll made up for you then please state this at the time of ordering. This does not apply to the doll kits as the pattern included for the felt body includes options for several heights and style of doll. 

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Ready to Dress


From left to right, Eulane, (used for Oyster Tulip on the Celebrity Brides page and Pumpkins & Butterflies below) Fay  (Dolce Vita on the Fairytale Gown page Lois (Bo Peep on the Limited Edition page) Marie (Rose Garden in my Wedding Book) and Cyrene  (Victoria on the
Period Bridal Gown page)

Beautiful Eulane (right) dressed in my Pumpkins and Butterflies gown. The pattern and instructions for this gown
are included  in the

Dolls House Wedding Book

This gown which takes its name from the Bridal Salon itself, was inspired by my favourite and timeless fairytale - perhaps the most famous off them all - Cinderella. It will  come as no surprise that this beautiful story is at the very heart of all my creations and we are creating a very special Cinderella and her Prince in beautiful palest blue with their fairytale coach as the main new theme for the cottage. My good friend has dressed the Prince for us (I still don’t do men) and the result is breathtaking - coming soon.




Halle is one of my favourite dolls by Cynthia Howe who, I am delighted to say has recently visited the cottage for a copy of my wedding book and brochures. Halle who I used for Carabosse see Celebrity Brides has beautiful shoulders for those off the shoulder dresses and she is supplied either as a kit with standing half legs wearing court shoes and felt plus wadding for the upper leg or with posed seated legs Halle’s head moves and can be posed.


Wigging not included

Seated Legs
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You can now have any of your favourite six dolls above including Halle with these lovely seated legs pictured left by Sue Harrington.

Coming Soon

More choice for arms and legs, shoes and seated/non seated leg styles coming soon as we continue our search for increased realism and poise

When ordering Halle, please choose either a standing  doll with traditional upper felt  legs such as the fashion dolls above or a seated Halle with porcelain crossed legs as shown left.

State also eye colour preference and from the following options for arms

Standing Halle Kits are £19.50   Seated Halle Kits are £21.50




Ariel left is a 5-1/2in doll in a seated pose with either fixed legs so the doll is all in one piece and ready to dress or with separate legs which you join on prior to dressing with chenille sticks. Both models have the most shapeliest legs I have ever seen - they are really beautiful - if only they were mine. Instructions and chenille sticks are included. Ariel is a Dorreen Sinnett mould.

Both versions are £18.50 each and include doll parts, chenille sticks to attach limbs where applicable plus a full colour leaflet with step by step instructions. 

Clearly state ‘Fixed’ OR ‘Separate’ legs on order.

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Doll Stands

Fully acrylic ‘invisible’ doll stands. A clear rod with spike extends up the middle of the doll and it enables you to create tight fitting gowns with beautifully clean lines without wires around the waist.
£2.95 each

3 sizes available in acrylic: Child 3.5 - 4.5in
Small adult 5in -5.5in or slightly taller
Sue Jo dolls 5.75 - 6.25in

 We have some beautiful new doll stands made exclusively for the cottage. Creating large and very special gowns on the original perspex spiked perspex doll stands was sometimes a little awkward as they had no weight and therefore little stability. A customer’ s hubby, an engineer, has created these new and wonderful heavier based stands with central spike the same as the lighter perspex ones but these are much more stable especially for working on those very special gowns. They are also available in child and smaller adult size
 (5.5in) as well as the stands for 6in dolls used throughout our gown designs. I thoroughly recommend these new stands and don’t know how I managed without them. I am currently changing all the stands on my salon dolls over to the new ones, they are, brilliant with a beautiful polished finish. £4.75 each and well worth just a little extra (£1+) than the original perspex. The quality is superb. really delighted with them. The image shows the exceptional base and the balance achievable. My work is so much easier now.

002 (2)



Acrylic hair packets £1.25 choose from the list of 12 shades listed right. Glue Syringes and Fine bottle applicators £1.25 each


Silver Grey



Baby Blonde


Strawberry Blonde



Mid Brown



New: Tibetan Lambshair
You simply can’t go wrong with this wavy hair. It comes on a rectangular pelt and sufficient for one doll fairy and similar long styles. Start applying just a 1/4in square piece at a time and allow thorough drying between each application. Available in white, creamy blonde, auburn and black. Also available for your fairies in candy pink or sky blue £2.25 piece
It was perfect for our Sleeping Beauty with creamy blonde lambshair which features in DHMS. Autumn 2011

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