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Crabtree & Evelyn

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I am so very proud of the exclusive miniatures which appear on this page but must first of all say  thank you to a few  miniaturists who have helped to create this perfumery extravaganza for you, not to mention Robin Anderson, the creative director at Crabtree and Evelyn who kindly granted me permission to use their beautiful packaging to bring to you this exclusive line of the most prettiest miniature perfume counters and accessories. Lisa Engler of ‘Lisa’s Little Things’ gave me the idea for the bubble bath product bottles and with her blessing I went on to create some myself for the displays. Steve from Glasscraft supplied the glass trays, hand cream jars, perfume & bath salts bottles, and my faithful computer without which, none of this would have been possible. Thank you finally to Margaret my flower lady who has made the exquisite floral bouquets which we have perfumed with the beautiful fragrances of Crabtree and Evelyn.

I must not forget my friend Christine at this point - who has been desperately making up kits for me and sending photography to make up instruction sheets and so forth - this has been such a great help Christine Thank you!

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What  is New?

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Firstly how fabulous is this! My recent distributor in Canada Martha McLean, has really gone to town with this fantastic Crabtree and Evelyn miniature room box setting. She absolutely loves the range and stocks all 22 fragrances which she has displayed as Crabtree and Evelyn do in their own real stores.

Martha has created this beautiful display to show at the Chicago fair this April and I only wish I could be there to see it in all its glory. Crabtree and Evelyn would be so proud!

If you are lucky enough to attend this fair - do pay a call to Martha’s stand who will be exhibiting alongside Sophia of Small Treasures, one of our two USA approved distributors. I’m sure you will be in for a treat.


Four beautiful new fragrances from Crabtree and Evelyn: We have added these beautiful new fragrances from this exceptional company. Firstly the latest of their collections:

Pomegranate, Argon and Grapeseed in a wonderfully rich ruby red.


 A beautifully packaged and pretty new addition to our miniature range in snow white opaque bottles with this really stunning artwork. It is incredibly lovely and will look beautiful in your miniature perfumeries.

Iris Fragrance

Citron, Honey & Coriander Another stunningly beautiful perfume range for your perfumery. The bottles are in a pretty sage - lemon with a lemon branch detail or sage cameo on the labels. I personally love both of these fragrances in real life!



Citron Honey & Coriander Fragrance

Now - one you’ve all been waiting for - Nursery Tails

Join Pudy Cat, Liza Lamb and Minnie Moo Cow in the nursery. Bottles are an alternative pure white and water clear alternative to Noel but with these three delightful characters on the labels. I’m sure you’ll love them.

Nursery Tails 2

We had to search the archives at Crabtree and Evelyn as it is sadly no longer available in real life. We can hopefully keep the memory alive in our lovely nursery range of miniature toiletries.


More new additions - not  perfumes, but suppliers...
Welcome to our new distributor for Canada - Martha McLean Miniatures, In Chicago, her dear friend Sophia of Small Treasures in Chicago and here in the UK Liz of Elf miniatures.

I am delighted to welcome Martha, Sophia and Liz who have been keeping me kind of busy. Welcome Martha, Sophia and Liz.. Full authorised list of suppliers at the bottom of this page.

The Fragrances

These were our original seven fragrances and thus the range was born

Copy of Wisteria Copy of 307113 Copy of 328715
Lavender02 Copy of 30708402 Logo Resize 35260

         Lavender    Lily of the Valley    Wisteria       Evelyn Rose      Gardenia           Freesia         Rosewater

              Lilac              Pale Green          Pale Blue           Pale Pink             Lemon                Violet              Rose Pink


.........and these seven followed quite closely behind...........to compliment the beautiful shades of Crabtree & Evelyn which we had originally created to enhance your colour themed displays.

 Damask Rose    La Source       Cacao Noir        Island Living     Island Night     Summer Hill               Noel

          Peach        Aqua & White    Coffee & Cream            Coral                Silver               Avocado         White & Cranberry

C& E_Bottles_New

La Source - our new spa inspired range of toiletries is available as a six bottle set as well as the complete array of kits and special gift baskets made from natural cane which will include a piece of loofah, a flannel, a selection of aqua and creamy white body milk bottles and a sprinkling of the tiniest seashells personally collected on the island of Oahu Hawaii for
a lovely relaxing sea air fragrance.........joining us in October 2009, we had another four lovely shades for you......... making 18 wonderful colour themed sets.

Aqua Shells02

Best Sellers!

Sets of 6 bottles with 2 bows, labels and glass bead stoppers with Swarovski crystal tops.

6.25 per kit

Bottles made up with labels bows and tops attached.

£9.25 for set of 6

Nantucket Briar is one of my absolute favourites. The bottles are in the palest silvery, lavender - blue and translucent milky white with lilac mist silk ribbon bows. Label background has a delicate trail of silvery blue briar roses.


Aloe Vera (right and below far right has a leaf green and  pearl mint theme with pale sage ribbons. Main image shows the cactus composition of a pretty jade plant which is actually a member of the lily family.

Aloe Vera1
Copy of shopcrabtree_2059_8600465
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Jojoba Oil
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Gardeners - Copy
Web 3

Jojoba Oil consists of clear amber, deep ocean blue and creamy oyster pink bottles with misty blue silk ribbons Main image is of two classical maidens on an ivory oyster shell.

Gardeners is so pretty and very different to the  usual pale colours. It comes in buttermilk, taupe pearl and misty green forest with buttermilk and blue mist silk ribbon bows. Images are reminiscent of French Provençal country figures.

Display, Displays

001 (2)

The Crabtree & Evelyn collection would not be complete without their famous lovely hat boxes.

Hat Box Kit £10.75 Assembled £18.50

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Our new little perfume displays shown above right are perfect for your smaller perfumeries and can be tailored to include your favourite items. This Lily of the Valley display has a Stepped Deco mini display, glass jar of tiny soaps, glass jar of bath salts, glass hand cream, display box BB with bubble bath and body lotion and two small bottles. The basic display counter, deco display and display box BB are all available in kit form or you can have them made up and ready to pop into your perfumeries. Please contact me with specific requirements.  

Copy of Wisteria

Wisteria is without doubt my most favourite. I just love the clean fresh look of pale blue and ivory. With the kind help from Megan at Sid Cooke Dolls’ Houses, we bring to you our exclusive range of Bespaq salon furniture in white or walnut filled with a luxury collection of our Beautiful Crabtree & Evelyn Accessories. It is proving to be be everyone’s favourite.

Bespaq meets Crabtree

These beautiful miniatures were created with the superb art work from Crabtree and Evelyn. The pale blue and ivory I am sure you’ll agree make a stunning display for your miniature perfumeries.

Resized Main
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The Signature Fragrance of Evelyn Rose

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Resize 2

Simply choose your fragrance
from the eighteen beautiful fragrances above to create a wonderful display of colour coordinated and themed toiletries and accessories


All counters, perfume bottle contents, packaging and labels as well as the florals are coordinated to match the colours of the fragrance logos. Freesia is violet with pale gold highlights, Gardenia is pale lemon. Lily of the Valley is ivory and eau de nil, Wisteria is pale blue, Evelyn Rose is pale pink with olive greenery, Lavender is lilac, Rosewater is rose pink and so on. The packages are covered with the either the Crabtree and Evelyn logo or your chosen fragrance flowers. The gift wrap and tags have a selection of Crabtree and Evelyn logo sheets with silver grey theme and some with the palest  blue flowers. Each is neatly packaged with a
C and E  or blue flower band. All gift wrap is printed on fine ivory parchment.
All items are available in all fragrances.

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Kit A Bath Salts Display Box  £3.50
 Assembled £6.25


Filled Basket £22.50

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The Products


Kit B Display Box: Box
& Bubble Bath
Assembled £8.50


Petal Shaped Shelf Unit £26.50
Kit F including contents £12.50

All items are available in all seven fragrances. When filling in an order form, please state clearly your chosen fragrance for each item

(Above) Luxury Soap Bag £16.75   Available in all fragrance colours

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Price List

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Kit C Display Box: 2 bath salt sachets, small box and perfume £5.25
Assembled £8.50


Round Filled Gift Box with Pretty Band £21.50
Kit E £10.50

Dusting powder unopening box (shown centre left in gift box above £2.25
or Kit D to make two

Please Note: All assembled items are packaged without butterflies attached. These are sent with the item - simply fold gently down the centre and attach if required with a dot of glue.

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Filled counter as shown top (11- 1/4in)
Without arches


Filled 8-1/4in counter with arches
Without arches


Finished empty counter
(11- 1/4in) with arches and posters
Without arches - includes posters


Finished empty counter
( 8- 1/4in) with arches and posters
Without arches - includes posters

  £82.50   £32.50

Filled 5-1/4in display counter with basket and a selection of toiletries and display boards (no arches available with this model)

or empty 5-1/4in display counter finished with posters

4in lit display also available Kit G




Central three tiered stand finished with floral arrangement and perfumes display A  (width 4in)
Two tiered stand (width 8cm)

Empty and unfinished. (3 tier)
                                       (2 tier)



 Floral Centerpiece arrangement with fine grasses and roses


3/4 round plaster doric stand (shown under flower vase)


Bridal bouquet fragranced with the perfume of your choice in your chosen perfume colour theme


Box kit to make up a selection of eight box shelf fillers


Set of four wall or counter front promotional posters and a display header with protective spray finish


Set of four counter top advertising boards with photo frame style stands and protective spray finish


Sheet of Price Tickets to tie onto merchandise


Kit I to make three themed soap gift boxes with labels for the centre of some optional  fimo soaps.


Bumper Kit H Toiletry and display kit includes: box templates, perfume bottles, price tickets, display boxes, perfume labels, packages, butterflies, promotional cards and posters and headers.


Kit K to make a small soap box with 2 soaps to wrap in tissue and label


Set of four fragrance themed carrier packages Kit J with tissue


Box of patterned draw liners with ribbon tie


Luxury Gift Box with large selection of toiletries and trimmed with a silk ribbon rosette.


Packet of fine card butterflies in colour themed shades.


Set of three Crabtree and Evelyn carrier packages Kit L with navy background and the  pretty white oak tree logo


Crabtree and Evelyn logo gift wrap with tiny gift labels


Luxury Toiletry Bag


Luxury Embroidered Towel


Luxury Slippers


Lace Trimmed Nightdress


3pce Luxury Lingerie Set - lace and rose trimmed corset and undies


Lace Trimmed Nightdress and Negligee on a padded coat hanger


The toiletry bags are colour themed to match your chosen fragrance: Freesia is purple with pale gold highlights, Gardenia is pale lemon. Lily of the Valley is ivory and spring green, Wisteria is blue, Evelyn Rose is ballet pink, Lavender is lilac and Rosewater is rose pink. The nightwear , lingerie sets and towels are in ivory or white (state choice clearly on order) with colour coordinated ribbon ties & roses.. 

 Beautiful Exclusive Glass from Glasscraft,
               exclusively filled and decorated at the Cottage

Glass Tray B Glass Tray C
Glass Tray A Tray D03

Glass Tray A with Glass Bath Salts, Glass Perfume and Glass Hand Cream Jar


Glass Tray B with Resin Bubble Bath, 2 Resin Bottles and Glass Hand Cream Jar


Glass Tray C with 4 mixed size resin bottles


Small Glass Tray D with 3 mixed size resin bottles


Single large bubble bath with Swarovski top and bow trim shown at the back of trays B - D


  Glass trays - empty          Large


Glass perfume bottle - filled with pretty stopper and box kit


Glass hand cream jar - filled with pretty lid and box kit


Filled glass bottle with bath salts, pretty stopper & box kit large
                                        or small


Empty perfume or bath  glass bottle with box kit
Empty Jar with Lid and box kit


Below is a list of the Crabtree stockists around the world.

A very warm welcome to our newest member: Sophia Twaddell of Small Treasures Miniatures in Chicago USA - we now have two members in the USA which is really brilliant, the other being Debbie of Minikitz in Arizona. In Canada, Martha McLean Miniatures is our first Canadian distributor and Martha has been sending me some brilliant images of the full Crabtree range in all 21 fragrances.
A warm welcome also to Liz of ELF miniatures, a new addition to our UK distributors..
My good friend Christine of Little Trimmings, will be showcasing the Crabtree Kits at Miniatura. Christine was the first person in the UK to approach me about selling the kits.
Annette at Rushall Dolls Houses in Norfolk was the first to ask if she could showcase the items in an actual shop - where they could be seen. Then of course, I myself at The Cottage have the full range plus some exclusives.  In Holland, we have Janny Warnaar of Art of Mini.   and in Sweden Weronica of Crazy 4 Minis has recently rejoined us after opening her first shop.

These nine companies mentioned here are the only official distributors of Crabtree and Evelyn exclusive miniatures which have the full backing of the Crabtree & Evelyn Company after stringent examination of the items had been assessed and evaluated by the Artistic Director at Crabtree & Evelyn.
Help protect the exclusive rights received from Crabtree & Evelyn and the quality of your miniatures by only purchasing the official items from the distributors named above.   

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