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Period Bridal

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I dedicate this page to all of you who have requested wedding gowns for their period houses and salons. I had twelve designs planned in total for my book but we clear just ran out of space. Not wanting to disappoint you will find a few in the new Fantasy Bridal Parade brochure out later in the year some of which I will add here. You will need to keep revisiting the cottage to catch a glimpse of them as I add them upon completion. Most of the designs on this page will be available to you as patterns too.

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The Belle Epoch era spans across the end of the Victorian period, through Edwardian times and begins to subside around the First World War. It was a time of opulence and embraced at its heart the high society and the diversion of the classes we have to come to associate with the period of time around the Titanic disaster. Fashion was suave, sophisticated and stylish and ankles made their first appearance in modern times. You can find out how to make Belle in the April 2008 issue 166 of Dolls House and Miniature Scene which goes on sale the end of February in a special free supplement

Belle wears a typical gown of this era with an asymmetrical hemmed close fitting underskirt made from parchment silk and a hooped wired overskirt made from Ottoman silk. The bodice has raglan sleeves and lace trimmed collar. She has a two tiered veil made from the finest silk tulle and hand tatted lace tiara which is worn low on the brow and trimmed at the sides with tiny pearl stamens and silk roses. The back of the dress is trimmed with a parchment and Ottoman silk bow and tails embellishment.
Belle   is available in pale ivory 215.00



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My beautiful Victoria is a reflection of a bygone era. This early Victorian crinoline bride has a sumptuous skirt with deep flounces of the finest Maline French lace. The skirt is supported with layers of fine tulle and the lace neckline is trimmed with silk roses and bows with long streamer tails.

 Victoria’s gown featured in Dolls House And Miniature Scene May 2007 issue. The version in the project has short puffed sleeves and a shawl collar. You can make this version by adding a simple lace frill around the shoulders instead of the sleeves and shawl collar. Choose whichever style top you prefer. Victoria is supplied with a silk tulle veil and silk rose trail around the curls at the back of the head which have been omitted to show you the back of the gown.  
Victoria   is available in white or ivory 225.00
All materials and pattern to make her are available from the cottage. The deep French lace is 9.75m


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Elizabeth wears a Tudor/Elizabethan influenced gown with an ivory silk underskirt or ‘kirtle’ and an overskirt created with a gold and cream silk brocade. Her bodice, under sleeves and silk organza Medici collar are trimmed with a tiny scalloped lace and her dramatic ruff is formed from the same lace in a wider width which has been starched and pleated. The gown has four part sleeves including faux fur roll cuffs created from silk velvet. A watteau train made from vanilla silk forms a dramatic sweep at the back and a pearl trimmed lace cap completes her outfit. Pearls also adorn the lace around her lovely Medici collar which in Elizabethan times were a favourite with Queen Elizabeth 1. The collar fluttered as she walked and were said to resemble butterfly wings. She wears a pearl trimmed chatelaine at the front of her gown with a pearl trimmed pendant at the end. Sometimes a wealthy lady  of court would carry a silk or velvet purse at the end of the chain or a decorative cross.

A special pack which includes all materials and pattern to make Elizabeth  
  is available from the cottage. Made up

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