Salon Furnishings
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Salon Furnishings

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Plans, components and kits are now available to create your very own coordinating furnishings for those very special miniature bridal salons and perfumeries.

Buds & Blossoms


Why limit these beautiful Brodnax papers to the walls? The issue of Projects magazine sold out almost immediately with the plans for these salon furnishings. Don’t despair if you were unable to secure a copy. The plans for (1) the fabric store, (2) the counter which also includes the single unit display on the left of the salon and (3) the shoe display stand are all available from the cottage at 3.00 each.

Pumpkins & Butterflies

This range includes the beautiful rose coloured furniture I created for my book. To match the decor of the salon I painted the furniture in antique rose and ivory with a plaster cameo and rosette trim on the counters You can have your selection  finished in any colour scheme or paint stain you wish and the sizes are also negotiable if you are looking for something a little smaller, a little larger or something inbetween.      

bridal salon 2 001

Illuminated jewellery display (w 6in. +) Plan 3.00  

bridal salon 2 014

The Hat and Veil Stand  (w 7in) Plan 3.00
Mirror 42.00 Stool Kit 8.00

bridal salon 2 005

Illuminated Display Counter (w 12in.) Plan 3.00

bridal salon 2 011

The Shoe Display  (w 6in +6 - 1/2in) Plan  3.00 Wooden Components & Custom Sign 12.75

bridal salon 2 01704

Bespoke Counters    Plan for 6 - 12in counters 3.00 Plaque 3.00 Set of Two Rosettes 2.00

The Dress Gown Display
Plans for my bridal salon.  When I was writing the wedding book, as usual, so many more items just kept popping into my head. We clear ran out of space and time. One such project included a mannequin stand for the gowns on the upper floor. I made the ceilings in the bridal salon quite tall for two reasons. On the lower floor we needed height for the split level floor, the luxurious staircases and those stunning chandeliers and beautiful Sue Cook ceiling roses which hung quite low too as you can see below.

Final Image

On the upper floor, the height was needed, again for the chandeliers but also for a suitable stepped display to stand a number of mannequins. This forms the main gown showcase. I am pleased to present to you my gown showcase with the instructions as promised. This will be of special interest to all those who have built the salon in it’s entirety and I must thank you all for sending me the lovely images of your work. I can’t tell you how it feels to know that something I have produced has brought so much pleasure. I also hope it is useful for anyone to make although you may have to make it smaller according to the size of your bridal salons, I hope you like it. When time allows I have a few more finishing touches to add.


The Plan

Gown Display Plan

The base (striped area) is made from 9mm thick wood and measures 18in wide x 7in deep
The upper tier (dark shaded area) is made from 18mm thick wood and measures
18in wide x 6in deep

The two side half circles are made from 9mm thick wood and measure 7in at the side which is against the base and they are 4 and 1/2in wide at their widest part from edge to edge as indicated by the pink arrow. The front half circle platform is also made from 9mm thick wood and measures 14in wide and 5in deep at the deepest part, again as indicated by the pink arrow.

The upper arched area is made from 18mm thick wood. The lower step measures 9 and 1/2in wide x 5in deep and the upper step is 7 and 1/2in wide x 4in deep. I have also used a pair of laser cut arches for this part of the display unit available from www.lasertechminiatures.com

The construction couldn’t be easier. Simply glue the front half circle to the front centre of the base. Glue the upper tier (dark shaded area) to the back and clamp firmly together. Glue the upper step to the lower step of the arched area and again clamp firmly together. These two constructions remain as two separate constructions and are to be carpeted accordingly. Complete the scene with two beautiful flower displays. I have used Sue Cook bird baths for mine. These are available from the cottage or from Sue direct.   

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