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The Most Beautiful  Cottage Package Ever

 The Tussie Mussie £9.50  incl pp
European  Orders
Rest of World £13.50

Tussie Mussie Brochure03

 To go into your shade card file - our entire collection of 20 shades of silk tulle £6.75 plus pp. 


Sue Jo

  To go hand in hand with the Tussie Mussie, this beautiful colour chart with approx. 200 real samples of the finest Thai Princess silk shades, is set in a clear folder which is a great place to store all your cottage publications. My chart is my bible and I couldn’t be without it. This is a brilliant collection for real bridal designers and dressmakers, doll makers and miniaturists alike who appreciate the vast range of stunning silk shades available today.
£11.75 plus pp. It comes in its own special folder.


There are over 170 silk shades in our wonderful collection.

img332 img331

TheCottage Silk and Lace Package
(New for late September 2011)

includes: the three silk shade cards, a silk tulle shade card, and a copy of the new Lace Fairy brochure full of laces - new and old, all in a lovely folder with  cottage business card pocket at the front for easy reference.
£21.50 plus pp

The Lace Fairy
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 The Lace Fairy
 Our entire collection of beautiful laces and trimmings. (Late September  2011)  £3.25 plus pp

More Sue Jo Publications
First is our Crabtree and Evelyn brochure with details of all the colour themed miniature fragrances and counters, gift boxes and accessories. Then we have our Making Perfect Wedding Cakes in Miniature  a step by step full colour guide to making the perfect miniature wedding cakes together with an extensive list of accessories available for purchase - fimo, cake tins, cake toppers, flowers, stands and so on. Then we have our Miniature Flower Petals and Leaves brochure full of kits and accessories for making your own paper flowers and decorations. I was delighted and honoured when my dear friend Margaret asked me to make her brochure. Her flowers are stunning.

Crabtree Brochure - Copy

         Crabtree & Evelyn  £2.75                Wedding Cake Brochure £3.75

All Orders via the Order Form please and add pp
                                                     as instructed

Flower Petals & Leaves by Margaret £1.50


In the Pipeline
The following brochures have been in the pipeline for quite some time but as my brochures are filled with tips and little stories and of course everything in it has to be made too - well, it’s a lifetime’s work as you can imagine.  Plus there is all the magazine work on a regular basis and orders to fill but one thing’s for sure, they will be completed as long as I am able. I hope they will be something to look forward to.

Doll Creation Cover

This brochure on the right

Venetian Rhapsody

is the result of many requests for Georgian gowns with those beautiful ornate panniers.
This brochure will include some special edition dolls for sale and a number of exclusive patterns for these extravagant gowns, panniers and petticoats. Additionally there will be some very beautiful and additional Pompadour wigs by Josephine in both acrylic and silk fibres.

Fantasy Bridal Cover 2
Venetian Rhapsody Cover 2

The Fantasy Bridal Parade
(left) is to be perhaps my most exciting production  and I just can’t wait to get this one out to you. In there you will find some wonderful creations, some will be new and others you may have spotted from time to time on this web site and in magazines, but here they all are for you to enjoy and be inspired. The designs will include dolls to purchase at any time, limited editions and there will be some patterns on offer to for you to create. Wonder at the Ice Collection -
Ice Princess,
Snow Queen
and Pandora, be inspired by the far East with Jasmine be enthralled with Sugar Plum and go back in time to Camelot where good and bad are face to face with Morgana and Lady Guinevere. Christine and Odile take us to the theatre whilst Grace is a true princess of the 20th century, perhaps the most beautiful of Royal brides and legend of the silver screen.

 I’ve delved into the realms of fantasy throughout history and time, fairytale and rhyme, the ballet and pantomime, legend and the sublime to bring you something I think, rather special of mine

Far left is my Haute Couture brochure for dressed dolls, gown patterns and fashion accessories. Most of the gowns in this brochure  will have a historical theme for those of you with period houses.

Next is the Fairytale Gown Collection brochure which will include some of the prettiest fairytale designer gowns you could ever wish for. These will be for the connoisseur bridal enthusiasts but I also hope you will all enjoy the designs and see this brochure as an inspirational and pretty book to be enjoyed for its own sake.


A Final Flurry
This pretty little quartet should include something for many enthusiasts in the mniature world. The first is
The Seamstress as the name suggests – it is full of sewing related miniatures and kits from thread boxes to mannequins - dressed as work in progress and filled haberdashery counters, something for everyone.The Gift Box which is a treasure trove of gift wrap and gifts with roses and rosette trims. The second is
The Chocolate Shoppe which needs no explanation at all – a real favourite.
The Nursery this is promising to be a real beauty - to celebrate the arrival of my wonderful grandsons in March 2008 and October 2010.

img08203 img315 nursery cover

The Cottage Brochures
To find out more what the cottage has to offer visit 

The Cottage Experience and The Cottage Brochures

by clicking on the buttons on the menu at the top of the page.

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