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The dolls on this page are unique one off creations. This serves two purposes. Firstly, some collectors like to have creations they know no one else has and secondly, sometimes when I make something special - I don’t always like to repeat it. I would never be able to work in a factory, just couldn’t bear the repetition. This is sometimes the case with miniatures which have been really difficult to produce but the end results have been well worth the effort - first time around. This page will include some very special designs which once sold, will never be repeated. I will post images of these creations on the Gallery page so they can continue to bring pleasure even after they have begun life in their new home. Occasionally, I may have one for my private collection, but this will be stated next to the description.


I am so sorry but the Cinderella Coach is one of the creations we have had to postpone due to the pressure of work and having lost most of last year to health problems.

We hope to be able to pick up this theme later in the year but can’t give any assurances at this time.

Please keep popping back.

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