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Never has there been so much choice with wedding cakes than today and of course more choice in real life means more choice for miniaturists too. The same can be said for the stands, choose from wood, glass or decorative ‘E, S, C or Swan stands in silver or 22ct gold plate.  


New Summer Cascade and the other four cakes below are now featured in my
‘Wedding Cakes in Miniature’ brand new publication plus many more designs to try with a full six pages of supplies some of which are exclusive to the cottage. One of my favourites has to be Summer Fruits (below centre) A decadent 3 tier chocolate wedding cake with a hazelnut praline ribbon and a cascade of sliced and whole strawberries, blackberries, raspberries and plums. Mouthwatering.... mmm...

Copy of summer
Daisy Starburst
Chocolate Fruits02

Summer Cascade on low plaster base


Summer Fruits on turned wood base with gold finish


Chocolate Rose on low plaster base


Daisy Starburst on low plaster base


Summer Fairy Castle on Doric plaster base


Chocolate Rose02

Please add a further £7.95 if you require the plaster pedestal and £4.50 for a corner decoration with ivy as shown on the Summer Fairy Castle. These decorations will differ according to the cake you choose.


Like to try more?

We have everything you need to make the perfect miniature wedding cake.


Full colour step by step booklet with details of all accessories and flower decoration kits     £3. 75

Full colour Petal and Flower Brochure      £1.50

Sculpey Clay in 9 colours: white, ivory, vanilla creme, pale pink, pale lilac, pale pistachio, tan (coffee cakes) just orange and hazelnut (for your chocolate cakes)                              £1.65 each

Acrylic non stick roller                              £3.95

Fimo & Roller
Copy (2) of img313

Set of 4 regular circles (used for traditional 4 tier miniature wedding cakes ( such as Summer Cascade above) £5.95

One medium circle (right) Used for the base of Summer Fruits (above) £1.95


Copy (3) of img313
Copy (4) of img31302
Copy (5) of img313

One large circle(above right) £2.15

Copy of Copy of img313
Copy of img31302 Copy of Copy of img31302

Set of 4 regular hexagons £8.25 Set of 5 regular teardrop or ‘rose’ cutters (perfect for creating a circular stepped wedding cake) £8.25 Set of 4 regular square cutters £6.95      1 medium square cutter £1.95

On Sale Now exclusively at the cottage. Our beautiful  new sets of wedding cake stands are amazing for your designer waterfall and cascade style wedding cakes. They are truly sensational and feature in my wedding cake brochure. We have an amazing range of stands and bases now available. All feature in the wedding cake brochure and can be seen on the various cakes on this page too.

Can you just imagine a cascade of cakes in graduated sizes flowing down from the top tier with a trail of flora and fauna - wonderful.

Any one stand £5.50, any duo £10.50 trio £15.50, quartet £20.50 or a quintet full set of stands £25.00

Cake Stands Cascade

As a guide, the highest stand fits the round cake 295, then gradually coming down the cascade to the round cake 903 at the bottom.

New  exclusively at the cottage: for your individual wedding cakes. The tiers are to be used for those little individual cakes - a contemporary design and at the top you can place a single larger cake - circle cutter 293 is ideal for this and the smallest of the heart cutters for the individual cakes.

2 tier plus one at the top £7.95
3 tier plus one                  £9.95
4 tier plus one                £12.50
5 tier plus one                £14.50


More exclusives for the cottage

These beautiful quality hand - crafted stands are being made exclusively for the cottage by
Ken Palmer. Choose from
silver which has a special lacquer finish to counteract tarnishing or
22ct gold plate. They are exquisite. Also we have Terence Stringers beautiful silver wedding cake knife with tiny shank for a coloured silk ribbon of your own choice. The knives are beautifully boxed with Terrence’s lovely gilt stamp and therefore make a lovely gift.



22ct Gold

C Stand



E Stand



S Stand






Silver Knife



E stand02
C stand02
S stand02
Swan stand02

Old Favourites


For those of you who don’t wish to try your own - well we can help there too.


Butterflies and Bows
A three tier round wedding cake with lilac ribbon trim, bows and roses and butterflies in lilac and buttermilk. It has a plaster base which has been arranged on a plaster pedestal with more roses, butterflies and ivy trails.

Three tier cake on card base


Three tier cake on plaster base


Complete arrangement as Illustrated


Plaster base on its own


Plaster pedestal on its own


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Fantasy Castle
A two tier cake with a cascade of ivy and buttermilk roses with a glass Cinderella style castle cake top with frosted turrets. The cake stands on an inverted Doric column top and then arranged on a plaster pedestal.

Two tier cake on card base


Two tier cake on Doric plaster base


Complete Arrangement as Illustrated


Doric plaster base on its own


Plaster pedestal on its own


Glass castle cake top


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English Rose
A four tier hexagonal cake with a cascade of ribbons, roses and pearly blossom. The cake stands on a glass base atop a tall elegant pedestal with trails of ivy, roses and blossom..

Four tier cake on a card base


Four tier cake on a glass stand


Complete arrangement as Illustrated


Glass stand


Plaster pedestal on its own


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Hearts & Lillies
A three tier heart shaped cake on a 9ct gold plate ‘s’ shaped stand. The cake has lime silk ribbon bands with ivy trails and lillies and has been arranged on a plaster pedestal.

Three tier cake on stand


Complete arrangement as Illustrated


‘S’ shaped stand


Plaster pedestal on its own


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Summer Bouquet
This cake features in my Wedding Book with instructions and a range of coordinating wedding florals including a bouquet, table arrangement, flowergirl basket, buttonholes and column arrangement for a church or reception room. It has four deep tiers and it is supplied on a card base although you can opt for a glass or plaster base above with a pedestal.

Four tier cake on a card base


Four tier cake on a glass base


Four tier cake on a plaster base


Four tier cake on pedestal arrangement


Can you imagine how nice these arrangements would look as a cake top on a real cake, how different would that be to have a miniature version of the real cake, on top of the real cake.

Just a thought  j

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