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Welcome to the exciting world of Jenny Wren Designs where you can enter into a labyrinth of some of the most beautiful and stunning miniature gown styles in the world today. Through a myriad of skill and technique based booklets in the A5, full colour 32 page format which made the cottage brochures so valued and treasured worldwide, you can follow the step by step, fully illustrated instructions in order to create these unique, stunning and exclusve designs. Each booklet has a separate pattern folder which together form a beautiful two part publication to build into your own special library as each new gown is created. Let us take you on a journey in time, to faraway lands of ice and snow, through enchanted forests, to magical lakes and a world of fantasy to bring to you a collection of works to be treasured for future generations. Be prepared to be enthralled, enchanted and transported to Jenny Wren's world..........

 Ice Queen
Ice Queen is my most stunning design to date which took an amazing three years to create as I had a form of 'writer's block' with the bodice. No matter how many silk bodices I created, they were all too heavy for the look I desired. Eventually it came to me after storing her away for what seemed like an eternity. In order to create a sleek and almost transparent icy and weightless design, I thought of building the bodice shape with tiny organza icicles. This proved to be so much easier than first imagined. The result was perfect. The mermaid style skirt was the easy part, layers of snow white silk tulle sprayed with glitter, topped with silvery lace and organza icicles then neatly ornamented with a cornucopia of silk and organza roses. The bodice is completed with silk tulle cups which wrap around to the bodice back where the fabric sweeps downward into a glittering cape studded and peppered with tiny stars and crystals. A glitter studded organza collar completes the look. On her head, Ice Queen wears a magnificent Swarovski studded crown with icicle peaks. Full instructions are also included to make this elegant crown.

The Sleigh
Ice Queen's sleigh is created with lightwood which is easy to cut and shape. The upholstery is covered with aqua brocade and trimmed with gathered silk ribbon. The sleigh has a beautiful canopy with a snow white fringe and silk roses. At the front of the sleigh there are two icy coachlamps. The entire scene is completed with a beautiful pale aqua acrylic stag.
Ice Queen Pattern is £10.  The pattern for the sleigh and included separate template folder is also £10. You can buy these together for £16.50 plus £1.95pp or £1.50pp for a single pattern.

Please email me using the address below if you would like to purchase either of the current available patterns or indeed if you require any further information. I can also be reached using the telephone number below.
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